Tetyana Milojevic

Dr. rer. nat.

Deputy of the Department of Biophysical Chemistry

Elisa Richter Fellow

Representative of Austria and Executive Council Member of the European Astrobiological Network EANA


The topic of my research group focuses on:

  • Microbes in space: MOMEDOS (Molecular mechanisms of Deinococcus radiodurans survivability in outer space)
  • biochemistry of extremophiles
  • functional and structural analysis of their molecular machinery
  • bioleaching
  • microbial-mineral interactions

Extremophiles cherry pick the habitats at the edge of living limits, shaping the life under inhospitable conditions. Such microbes are characterised by functional capabilities required for survival in harsh and extreme environments. We have been investigating the meteorite-associated growth physiology and the microbial-mineral interface of iron oxidizing extremophile Metallosphaera sedula, a rock-eating archaeon that lives in hot acid conditions and exhibits unusual heavy-metal resistance. This unique representative of polyextremophiles is capable of bioleaching, i.e. recovery of valuable and strategically important metals from sulfide ores. The other research MOMEDOS project aims at deciphering the molecular mechanisms of microbial survivability in outer space/simulated space conditions.