X-ray absorption spectroscopy and micro synchrotron based X-ray fluorescence investigation of metallo compounds.

X-ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS) and micro-synchrotron based X-ray fluorescence (micro-SXRF) are element specific spectroscopic techniques and have been proven to be valuable tools for the investigation of changes in the chemical environment of metal centres. XAS allows the determination of the oxidation state, the coordination motif of the probed element, the identity and the number of adjacent atoms and the absorber–ligand distances. It is further applicable to nearly all types of samples independent of their actual physical state (solid, liquid, gaseous) down to mM concentrations. Micro-SXRF can provide information on the distribution and concentration of multiple elements within a sample simultaneously, allowing for the chemical state of several elements within subcellular compartments to be probed. Modern third generation synchrotrons offer the possibility to investigate the majority of the biologically relevant elements.

Financial support:

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