Polyoxometalates mediating protein crystallization

Polyoxometalates (POMs) represent a large class of discrete polynuclear metal-oxo anions, which are usually formed by early transition metals in high oxidation states resulting in a large diversity of POM structures and potential applications (catalysis, sensors, bio- and nanotechnology, medical and material sciences). The main objective includes synthesis and characterization of hybrid organic/inorganic POMs to help understand fundamental molecular interaction with proteins.


Financial support:

  1. Cost Action Management Commitee Member Austria CM1203 "Polyoxometalate Chemistry for Molecular Nanoscience (PoCheMoN)" 09.11.2012-08.11.2016.
  2. FWF stand alone project P27534,"Polyoxometallat unterstützte Proteinkristallisation" 01.05.2015-30.04.2018.